October 2, 2012                               Park City ,Utah                                   For Immediate Release
“Enough is enough” says All Resort Group CEO Richard Bizzaro.  Too many innocent people have been injured in America simply because buses do not have seat belts.  All Resort has invested more than 2 million dollars in their newest fleet equipped with seat belts.  They are unveiling them today and the public is welcome to sit in an actual Motor Coach, buckle up and drive around.  All Resort will have one Motor Coach (seats 56), Mini-Coach (seats 20-35), Sprinter (seats 14), Van (seats 15), SUV (seats 7) and a Limo (seats 12)-all of which are FULLY equipped with 3 point safety belts!
All Resort believes that this is an EXTREMELY important issue for many reasons.  According to the Department of Transportation: if you are in an accident, you have a 95% chance of getting injured and 50% chance of dying if you are not wearing a seat belt.  Alternatively, you have a 97.6% chance of walking away completely uninjured if you are wearing a seat belt.  This is because (according to the Utah Department of Transportation) if you are not wearing a seat belt, you have a 36% chance of being ejected.  In 1968 the National Transportation Safety Board made an “urgent recommendation” to put safety belts in all buses!  But there is still NO law requiring safety belts for large buses (including school buses).
What’s more shocking (and encouraging at the same time) is that All Resort is the ONLY Utah owned company to have seat belts in their large buses!  No surprise that All Resort has the highest safety rating in Utah and arguably one of the best (if not the best) in the Nation (according to US Department of Transportation).  All Resort is fortunate to say that in the last 7 years, none of their customers have been injured in an accident.  This includes more than 12 million miles that customers were transported safely.  So why bother with seat belts if they have such a great safety record?  “If one of our Coaches ends up in an accident, we want to know that we have done everything possible to save our customers lives,” says Richard Bizzaro.  “If we spend millions of dollars and save even one life, it‘s worth it.”
Join All Resort, Lewis Stages, Park City Transportation, Xpress 4 Less & Premier Transportation (all under the All Resort Groups corporate umbrella) today from 10:30am-7pm.  You will have a rare opportunity to buckle up while you go for a ride safely restrained for the first time!

(Source: Utah Department of Public Safety-Highway Safety Office)
1.) After all 2010 accidents (49,268): 109 lives were saved because the passengers/drivers were restrained by a seat belt.  Unrestrained passengers/drivers are 3,100% more likely (31x) to loose their life.  If you are unrestrained, you have at best a 50% chance of living and only less than 5% of a chance of walking away uninjured.
2.) 93.6% of passengers in busses are NOT restrained.  If in an accident, you have a 95% chance of getting injured or killed.  However, IF restrained you have a 97.6% chance of walking away completely uninjured!
3.) 75 people get injured on buses in Utah every year.
4.) The top three fatal crashed vehicles are motorcycles, semis and busses.
5.) Unrestrained people are ejected from their vehicle 36% of the time.  Once ejected you have a very small chance of survival.  114 people die every year (unrestrained in UTAH).
6.) Off all 88,958 accidents studied in Utah, only 0.4% involved a Bus compared to 50.9% a Passenger Car.  Busses still boast the lowest total number of accidents of all categories (Passenger Car, SUV, Pickup Truck, Van, Semi/Large Truck, Motorcycle, Bus, Other).   So, you have the best chance of not being involved in an accident if traveling on a bus.  However, should you be in an accident, one of the highest of injury.
(Source: CBS national news correspondent James Meek)
In 1968 the National Transportation Safety Board made an “urgent recommendation” to put safety belts in all busses.
(Source: DePaul University Chaddick Institute)
Because of rising gas costs, Bus travel is up 34.9% nationally since 2006.  So (by increased percentage of trips) are the total number of bus accidents.
(Source: US Department Of Transportation)
All Resort has the best Safety Ration of any transportation company in Utah and arguably the best Safety Rating of any transportation company in the US.
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